Welcome to The Planetary Quill.

In this space, I intend to post my thoughts on a variety of topics. Posts will most often be space-related, but will sometimes address science and technology, military, history, and—when I dare—politics.

Why “The Planetary Quill?” Frankly, the name just sounded interesting.

Planetary seems to suggest science fiction, science, grand military, and global political affairs–precisely my areas of interest. A quill, of course, is a writing instrument, a pen made from a main wing or tail feather of a large bird, and a euphemism for the process of writing.

As the tagline suggests, these pages are an outlet for written expression of thought resulting from the exploration of, well, virtually anything. They also complement my publications in other venues: non-fiction articles, essays, opinion pieces, short story fiction and novels, LinkedIn posts or that ubiquitous short form, Twitter.

I hope you will return often.

James Michael Knauf