About Me


Hi there!

I am a writer, which means nothing more than I try to write every day. At least, that’s the plan.

I’m currently researching, outlining and writing my first book, a novel of science fiction exploring the coming development of the cislunar space frontier.

Writing a novel is a long-term commitment, so occasionally—to finish something in the short—I write short stories. And collect rejection slips! At least so far. Part of the process.

Because sometimes I need a break from just making stuff up—I write thought-provoking (hopefully) non-fiction articles, essays, opinion pieces, LinkedIn posts, and occasional tweets.

Where do the ideas come from? Everywhere. The challenge is turning them into stories, for fiction certainly, but also for the non-fiction.

I’m leveraging over thirty-six years of space and launch systems engineering and Air Force senior leadership experience—mostly in space launch—and a life-long interest in reading, writing, science, technology, and the future.

James Michael Knauf